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Whoever comes to Teglio, as well as a warm welcome, fresh mountain air, natural beauty and historic monuments,
can enjoy its most characteristic dishes made from buckwheat flour, like famous pizzoccheri, originally from Teglio, sciatt (battered deep fried cheese)
and polenta taragna – a mix of cornmeal and buckwheat with butter and fat cheese. A filling dish of pizzoccheri goes well with bresaola
(air-dried cured meat) made from beef, venison or horse, as well as other delicious cold cuts and excellent cheeses,
like Bitto and Casera, all accompanied by traditional ‘segale’ (rye) bread. Not to forget other local produce such as cep mushrooms,
game, apples, chestnuts, honey and the nuts used to make traditional desserts such as Bisciöla, la Cupeta, mousses and various cakes.

“A few exquisite examples of sublime humility; food offered with a civility close to sophistication”. (Gianni Brera)

Valtellinese dishes, though they may look a little rustic, hide delicate flavours, and when accompanied by excellent local wines like, Valgella, Inferno, Sassella, Grumello and the famous Sforzato (made from dried grapes), can satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.
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  • Accedemia del pizzocchero di Teglio
  • Valtellina, il cuore delle Alpi
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