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The Valtellina, the valley of the river Adda that together with the Valchiavenna makes up the province of Sondrio, stretches from Pian di Spagna (188m) to the Valle di Fraele, on the border of the Livigno area, reaching a maximum altitude of 4049m at the Pizzo Bernina.  Thanks to its unusual exposure it offers a diverse environment: the sunny Rhaetian side is a succession of terraced vineyards and villages, while the Orobian side, colder and wetter, is covered in thick forest and has very few towns.

Its territory, bordered in the north by the Rhaetian Alps and in the south by the Orobian Prealps, is home to some of the most important mountains of the Alpine mountain chain, like the Pizzo Bernina (4049 m), Monte Disgrazia (3678 m), Cima Piazzi (3439 m), Gran Zebrù (3851 m), Ortles (3905 m) and Monte Cevedale (3757 m).

There are many lateral valleys including Val Masino, Valmalenco, Valgrosina and Valfurva.

The Valtellina was already populated in prehistoric times by populations similar to those of the nearby Valcamonica, as the petroglyphs and steles around Grosio, Teglio and Chiuro demonstrate.  The first written documents that refer to the Valtellina date back to the 6th century A.D. in the work “Vita di Sant’Antonio Abate Lerinese” by Bishop Pavia Ennodio, who, upon entering Valtellina from the Aprica pass, spoke of Tellina Vallis, or the Teglio Valley.

Tourism, which alongside agriculture and artisanship (the prevalent industries in the area until a few decades ago), is now one of the principal resource of the Valtellina, which offers excellent accommodation and a diverse range of activities from skiing and nature walks to wine and food and artistic itineraries.

The largest ski area, with over 200km of slopes and 100km of cross-country tracks, is the Alta Valtellina ski area, which includes the resorts of Bormio, the Stelvio pass (summer skiing), Livigno (duty free zone), Santa Caterina Valfurva in the heart of the Stelvio National Park, Valdidentro and Valdisotto.  Aprica, Chiesa Valmalenco and Madesimo are all also popular mountain resorts, while Chiavenna, Grosio, Sondrio, Teglio and Tirano are famous mainly for their history, art and gastronomy.  Here you can visit 16th century houses, palaces, churches, museums and archaeological parks.

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